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Our company has a special research and development team and technical specialists, strict quality control Department, modern production workshop, as well as a research and development laboratory, processing laboratory. We attach great importance to the introduction of technology, specializing in the production of products, sales, research and development.


Take the production of xanthate as an example. Currently, we manufacture the series products of the xanthates of about 50,000 tons/year. Through our laboratory of raw materials we choose high-quality raw materials, we refuse substandard raw materials. In the production process, the departments of synthesis, granulation, drying and packaging hold key positions in order to strictly control the quality of products. The xanthogenate laboratory, the quality control Department, and the breakdown room combine their efforts.


The service Department provides close coordination, supplies the production Department with a detailed production plan in accordance with the needs of customers, and monitors the process of each link in time to ensure that the customer's requirements are met.


We follow the operation philosophy of sincerity, concentration. Thanks to excellent products, operational services and technical innovation, our company has become one of the leading manufacturers of reagents for ore dressing around the world. Our products are sold to Russia, Africa, Australia and other regions.






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