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Product NameSodium Dichloroisocyanurate


Type:Powder, Granules, Tablets(20g )

Granular8~20mesh,15~35mesh,18~60mesh(or decided by customer)

Effective cl≥56%; 58.5%

Moisture: ≤8% ; ≤5%


CAS NO.:2893-78-9

UN No.2465

Risk Class5.1


This product can be used as a disinfectant for industrial water, portable water, swimming pool and textile finishing agent. It also can be used for preventive disinfection and disinfection in all kinds of places such as, livestock, poultry and fish breeding. This product can also be used for finishing wool preshrunk, bleaching in textile industry, removing algae in industrial recirculating water and chlorinating agent for rubber. The product is stable, efficient and has no negative effect for human.

Package and weight(net weight)

This product is packaged plastic drum,25kg,50kg,plastic knitting bag 1000kg (or specified by customers). 

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